GEF SGP Indonesia 6-Operational Phase 2017 – 2021

In this phase, we aim to enhance the socio-ecological resilience through community-based initiatives focusing on small islands, in both landscapes and seascapes nature.

We promote the use of integrated and participatory approach to support rural communities and grassroots groups in developing their community-driven innovations for low-carbon technology and climate change mitigation projects.

Component 1: Resilient landscapes for sustainable development and global environmental protection

Ensuring effective participatory decision making | Enhancing ecosystem services | Strengthening integrated agro-ecological practices | Improving community enterprises and market access

Component 2. Community-based integrated low-emission systems

Managing integrated low-emission systems | Mainstreaming the use of renewable and energy efficient technologies and mitigation options.

For the working area phase 6 since the location are close to landscape and seascape then we need to determine the activities in certain area, we have choose 4 locations whereas we focused on 3 area on small islands which is Semau Island, Wakatobi, Nusa Penida and one of the forest landscape is Nantu, Gorontalo.