RECONNECT Photo Exhibition in Wellington New Zealand



As a big fan of Edi Susanto and Toto Santiko Budi’s works, I’m proud to have this photo exhibition – showcasing the works of SGP Indonesia.

RECONNECT is a photo exhibition on preserving biodiversity through social development in small islands of Indonesia. RECONNECT is the on-going learning process for sustainable development in Indonesia.

We’re going to have a discussion session on Saturday the 29th of February at 2 pm, and we’re very lucky to have Nicole Miller and Gaya Gnanalingam with us. Gaya will share about customary fishing rights in New Zealand, and Nicole will talk about the Bluebelt Project – community-based seaweed conservation in Wellington. I’m very excited about it and hope to see you there.
And if somehow you cannot make it to the discussion session, the photo exhibition will be up until the 6th of March 2020.