Springs and Planting for Life

Springs and Planting for Life

“Bubbling springs.
Pouring out in the reunion with the soil.
Sipped by the greenery of the trees.
Growing, seeping intohuman body.
Together interweaving a harmony, I sat still ast oundedin the twist of its rhythm”

This piece of poem above pretty much sums up my life attitude on springs.

When I meet up with friends who also have the same concern with springs,we become more determined to do something good for springs and the people around them.

Planting For Life Community/Tanam untuk KehidupantTUK) is our gathering place in Salatiga which islocated at the foot of Mount Merbabu. Our concern of Salatiga City, which is getting hotter and has problems of water taps in our homes which are providing less and less or even no water at all, to the trees in the city that are often being cut down for different reasons makes us to decide to voice our concern for the springs.