Koro the Treasure of Wonogiri

Koro the Treasure of Wonogiri

“Velvet-bean tempeh. ma’am., traditional food from Wonogiri”, Surati was trying to sell her bacem (marinated) velvet-bean tempeh by offering a plate of it during a meeting in Jalirejo, Wonogiri.

Velvet beans (Koro Benguk) are widely used by the people of Wonogiri to make lempeh. If you enter Wonogiri in Central Java, you can find velvet-bean tempeh in the markets, food stall sand itinerant vegetable vendors. The chips are also sold in stalls and even souvenir shops.

“Velvet-bean chips are actually a traditional food from Wonogiri as well, but they are not as well known as Gaplek or Tiwul which have become the hall marks of Wonogiri City”, Surati explained during the break of the meeting. Gaplek is sliced and dried cassava, while Tiwul is a food made from Gaplek flour, usually cooked with brown sugar mixture.

In between her busy life as a farmer and mother of two children, Surati still has to make the time to assist groups of women farmers.