Sangia, Hui, the Almighty Dollar and Readers of Stars, Documentation of Local Knowledge in Natural Resources Management

“The Hyang Dollar has arrived. The real God is gone. Crowded cafes, pretending to be quiet. Sacred dances and ceremonies are a spectacle for tourists. We’ll be strong one day.” (Mangku Wayan Leser, traditional leader in Nusa Penida).
Local knowledge about natural wealth management began to disappear from Nusa Penida, Wakatobi, Semau, and Gorontalo. The causes are various, from the pressure of the tourism industry, agricultural intensification, government programs, open access to transportation and information, to certain stigmas. As a result, community resilience becomes very vulnerable when a crisis hits.
This book tries to collect memory fragments about local knowledge in managing scattered natural resources. As well as, offering alternative thinking to build community resilience in the face of crisis.