CALL FOR APPLICATIONS : National Steering Committee GEF SGP Indonesia Phase7

UNDP is UN’s global development network which is on the ground in 178 countries and working on global and national development challenges.

The Small Grants Programme (SGP) of Global Environment Facility is a financial mechanism that offers grant assistance to initiatives of Civil Society Organizations that contribute to the protection of the environment. SGP Upgraded Country Programme in Indonesia offers opportunities for communities to follow a landscape approach on environment conservation.

This is a call to invite expressions of interest from persons interested in serving in the National Steering Committee of GEF/SGP Operational Phase VII – 2022 – 2026. In OP-7, the programme adopts the modality of awarding grants to Community Based Organizations (CBO) to take collective action for adaptive landscape management for socioecological resilience and sustainable development in the four selected landscapes in the Wallacea biogeographical region in Indonesia (1) Sabu Raijua District, East Nusa Tenggara Province; 2) Nantu-Boliyohuto Wildlife Reserve buffer zone; Gorontalo Province; 3) Balantieng Watershed, South Sulawesi Province; and (4) Bodri Watershed, Central Java Province) cover expansive and complex geographies. Globally significant biodiversity in these landscapes faces a variety of threats influenced by a variety of drivers, e.g., infrastructure development and increased global demand for food and plantation commodities.

The National Steering Committee is a voluntary body and is a central element of the SGP providing the primary substantive contribution and oversight to the programme in assisting community organizations to carry out and coordinate projects in pursuit of outcomes, identified in the landscape strategies. NSC members will have an abiding interest and commitment to working with communities and share a vision of what “thinking globally, acting locally” might mean in terms of linking the GEF focal areas with community needs and concerns.

NSC members with the requisite knowledge of GEF Focal Areas; biodiversity/ land degradation and/or specific themes such as gender, sustainable livelihoods, and climate change and experience working with local communities and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the country are sought as a means of keeping the SGP responsive to its mandate in working with CSOs, CBOs and indigenous peoples.

Expressions of Interest along with your curriculum vitae can be submitted by email to on or before 15 August 2022.