CALL FOR APPLICATION Consultant for GIS Specialist GEF SGP-7 Indonesia

The Scope of Work:

In close coordination with National Coordinator of SGP-7 Indonesia, the Landscape Strategy Development Team Leader, and relevant stakeholders, The National GIS Support Specialist Consultant will be responsible to support the development of the project in the collection of available geospatial data and preparation of informative landscape maps for the four target landscapes: (1) Sabu Raijua District, East Nusa Tenggara Province; 2) Nantu-Boliyohuto Wildlife Reserve buffer zone; Gorontalo Province; 3) Balantieng Watershed, South Sulawesi Province; and (4) Bodri Watershed, Central Java Province.

The key responsibilities and deliverables of this consultancy are described below:

  1. Liaise with the SGP-7 Indonesia Secretariat and Landscape Strategies Development Team on the map requirements.
  2. Source available layers of information, such as administrative districts, land use, settlements, target landscapes, protected area boundaries, key biodiversity areas, degraded land and forest areas, climate change vulnerability, calculation of Erosion Rate to Measure the Economic Value of Ecology in DAS Bodri and Balangtieng, etc. in consultation with Landscape Strategies Development Team.
  3. Generate one (1) country map showing the target landscapes (with midpoint geospatial coordinates).
  4. Generate four (4) landscape maps, one for each of the target landscapes with geospatial references for the Project Document.
  5. The maps need to conform to map criteria of the UN Cartographic Unit (
  6. The GIS Specialist shall submit the required maps in shapefile format and as image files (for direct insertion into a MS Word document).


Consultancy Methodology of Work

The methodology of work will consist of site visits to the targeted landscape (together with Landscape Strategies Development Team) and desk review of relevant project documentation and other resource tools in addition to direct consultations with key local stakeholders and data providers.

The consultant will be responsible for providing her/his own workstation (i.e. laptop, internet, phone, scanner/printer, etc.) and must have access to reliable internet connection.

The work is expected to be carried out by one nationally recruited consultant with expertise in GIS.

5. Qualification Required
YBUL-GEF-SGP Indonesia National GIS Consultant

The Consultant should possess the following minimum qualifications: Academic Qualifications:

  • A university degree in a relevant field, such as GIS, Cartography or any other related field.
  • Bachelor degree with minimum 5 years’ experience.Years of experience:
  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in in GIS, remote sensing, land use mapping, orrelated field.
  • Experience working with UNDP and/or on GEF projects is an advantage.Competencies and special skills requirement:
    • Excellent analytical and organizational skills.
    • Ability to conduct independent research
    • Excellent presentation skills.
    • Strong capacity in report writing.
    • Fluency in English is required

Activity Timeline

The assignment will be carried out in for a period of 30 days, between November 1st to January 25th 2023.

Reporting/ Lead Persons:

The consultant will directly report to GEF SGP Indonesia National Coordinator.


Five maps as per UN standards: one country map and four landscape-level maps showing key features and geospatial references.


All deliverables should be handed out in one hard copy as well as one soft copy (word format and excel format for tables) and a PDF format for web publishing in Indonesia and English language.

During the fulfilment of the assignment, the consultant will ensure regular communication with the project team, and will ensure a timely delivery of the expected outputs and will regularly inform the project team of the progress as well as any obstacles that might occur.