Request for Quotation : Consultant to Produce Infographics Outlining Indonesia’s GEF SGP-7 Implementation Strategy

Consultant to Produce Infographics Outlining Indonesia’s GEF SGP-7 Implementation Strategy

  1. Consultancy Methodology of Work

The methodology of work will Full production of 2D animated videos as requested. The Consultant is expected to lead on the creative design and production process in consultation with GEF SGP Indonesia Secretariat. They are expected to be able to create a strong storyline with minimum guidance which explains complicated processes in a simple and understandable manner.

  • Qualification Required

Title:YBUL-GEF-SGP Indonesia National Infographic Video Consultant.

The Consultant should possess the following minimum qualifications:

  1. Years of experience:

Expert with at least 5 years’ experience in developing Infographic Video (Please attach a link to the portfolio of works that have been done).

  1. Competencies:
  1. Degree in development Visual Design, Graphic Design, or related field;
  2. Expert knowledge of video graphic design and graphic design softwares;
  3. Proven experience and track record in developing 2D animated video illustration;
  4. High proficiency in Indonesia and English languages;
  5. Ability to plan, prioritise and produce quality results on time.
  • Activity Timeline

The assignment will be carried out in for a period of 15 days, between November 14thto November 29th2022.

  • Reporting/ Lead Persons:

The consultant will directly report to GEF SGP Indonesia National Coordinator with support from the Knowledge Management Project Officer of GEF SGP Indonesia.

  • Deliverables

One Infographic Video Strategies GEF SGP 7 Indonesia with duration maximum 6 minutes.

  • Reporting 

All deliverables should be handed out in one soft copy (video in high resolution) and a PDF format for web publishing in Indonesia and English language. 

During the fulfilment of the assignment, the consultant will ensure regular communication with the project team, and will ensure a timely delivery of the expected outputs and will regularly inform the project team of the progress as well as any obstacles that might occur.

  1. Application Procedure

Interested consultant should submit below mentioned documents before November 9th, 2022, 23:59 WIB.

Submit an updated CV, an application letter, budget quotation, and contact information of three work-related referees addressing to GEF SGP Indonesia Secretariat at meinar@sgp-indonesia.orgwith subject:Infographics Outlining Indonesia’s GEF SGP-7 Implementation Strategy. Applications must be written in English.