Request for Proposal (RFP) : Developing and Fostering Knowledge Management Platform from Community Narratives

Scope of the work:

  1. Preparation and process launch
    • Assess level of buy-in of counterparts and to sensitize and build ownership by the counterparts;
    • Conduct horizon scanning and analysis of existing initiatives;
    • Consolidate knowledge base and articulate/test initial hypotheses;
    • Conduct initial remote preparatory stakeholder analysis;
    • Based on validation of existing knowledge, lead the development and co-design methodology for systems
    mapping process;
    • Conduct sessions for initial sensitization on systems thinking;
    • Lead the kick-off workshop(s) to build early probes, hypotheses and framing to inform the systems mapping
    process; and
    • Synthesize results from sensitization sessions and workshops, and revise methodology for systems mapping.
  2. Understanding the systems
    • Frame and articulate research probes, for example, but not limited to, macro analysis, stakeholder analysis, data
    analysis, analytic articulation of insights, ethnographic research, etc.;
    • Synthesize different streams of analysis and research;
    • Build draft map through participatory process and with understanding of interlinkages between drivers, power
    dynamics and social relationships between key stakeholders; and
    • Design and deliver workshop(s) and hands-on engagements focusing on validation of systems map, development
    of shared understanding to address complex challenges in the respective context, building buy-in and ownership
    of process by government counterparts and other key stakeholders.
  3. Conducting ethnographic and digital listening
    • Based on validated systems map, conduct ethnographic and digital listening in target communities, involving
    identified government counterparts and other key stakeholders;
    • Analyze the collected listening data in accordance with the SIP approach and develop initial community narratives
    (challenges, needs, opportunities, pain points, etc.);
    • Develop systemic problem statement(s), further socialize and iterate listening to identify sets of potential
    leverage points;
    • Based on sets of the identified potential leverage points, articulate leverage hypothesis, evaluate feasibility and
    fit in the respective context; and
    • Finalize the listening reports and set of leverage points.
  4. Strategic experiment
    • Capacity building workshop(s) for relevant counterparts and stakeholders on experimenting Deep Listening and
    • Mainstream the Deep Listening tools during the capacity building workshop(s) and/or in-country engagements
    and advise on socialization in the respective context; and
    • Based on the experiments, consolidate learnings and implications, adapt experimental strategies, articulate Deep
    Listening implementation strategy.
  5. Capacity building and adaptation
    • Through the entire systemic thinking process, cultivate learnings and insights in order to design a curriculum and
    manual of systemic design for complex emergent issues. The curriculum should be supported by useful
    toolkits/canvasses and exercises that enable governments to practice it in the future independently.
    • Capacity building workshop(s) on systemic thinking, Deep Listening, and Sensemaking based on the

Who may submit proposals:

All of activities may be organized by an appropriate, experienced consortium of national or subnational NGOs or academic institutions as an on-the-ground capacity building project and
financed by a grant. The proposal will clearly present the experience of the applicant and its partner’s organizations in the issues to be addressed.

For proposal submission and more information, contact:
Catharina Dwihastarini, National Coordinator, GEF Small Grants Programme The completed proposal (please use GEF SGP OP7 STRATEGIC PROJECT TEMPLATE and Request for Information Template) should be received by the SGP National Coordinator no later than January 31,2023 with subject: RFP Developing and Fostering Knowledge Management Platform from Community Narratives;


For more information :

Developing and Fostering Knowledge Management Platform from Community Narratives