Teaser Undangan Terasmitra

Teman-Teman tanggal 23 Februari 2017 ini Terasmitra akan mengadakan Pembukaan Galeri Terasmitra di Jalan Bacang 2 no 8 Kramat Pela Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan 12130


Terasmitra Profile – 2

How to explain Terasmitra Project Cycle? What is Terasmitra? Terasmitra and GEF SGP Indonesia?


Terasmitra Profile – 1

Teras Mitra Event 3, Bali 14-16 October 2014. 40 partners of GEF SGP Indonesia meet, talk, share, and learn each others. Create-connect-collaborate-change the world… Community Enterprises: Community Initiative for Sustainable Livelihood


Bumi adalah Kita

Community enterprises. Community development. Help them to find the market and increase their voices.


Kembalinya Benih Lokal

This Film was produced by GEF SGP Indonesia partners. Video Community Workshop, December 2013.